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Oyaide BR12 turntable mat @ X Audio
« on: 18 February, 2022, 21:03:34 pm »
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  • Oyaide BR12 turntable mat are now available @ X Audio

    BR-12 is a vibration-damping butyl rubber sheet that takes its tapered shape and tuning hole layout after MJ-12, Pyaide's aluminum turntable sheet. With high-friction butyl rubber it has great grip and great contact to vinyl disc to avoid slip even when its used with high pressure stylus.

    From center to perimeter, it has a taper of 1.0 degree elevated angle. It will correct a vinyl disc's warpage by the rubber sheet tightly sticking to it. Then stylus movement will get stable to trace the groove. The tapered sheet has 18 tuning holes, it contributes more to improve sound quality. The holes work also as finger rest when removing 10inch or EP discs. Its diameter has been made 294mm to make it easy to remove LP disc(300mm). Thickness is 5mm



    Promotional Price -

    BR12 - $80

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