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TAOC CSR series Rack @ X Audio
« on: 30 April, 2022, 13:47:14 pm »
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  • Each CSR-Series shelf consists of an upper and lower board in a double-board structure. The upper board has a five layer sandwich construction, the central layer of which is made honeycombed with cores, each of which is filled with cast iron powder. The surfaces of each board surface are made with real wood (Oak) veneers, in either light Oak or dark Oak colours.

    The upper board is supported by four spikes embedded to the lower board and pillar height can be adjusted by selecting the specific pillar you require: standard available lengths are 180mm, 230mm, 280mm and 330mm. Each pillar is made of iron and is filled with cast iron powder. The spiked feet installed into the lowest shelf are height adjustable, but enfolded by a spike holder so the adjuster is not visible.

    Four models are available, the TAOC CSR-4S-L/D, which weighs 66kg, the CSR-3S-L/D, which weighs 50kg, the CSR-2S-L/D, which weighs 34kg and the CSR-1S-L/D, which weighs 17kg. All shelves in the CSR series have a maximum load capacity of 100kg per shelf.

    For more information, kindly refers to the following link:

    CSR-1S-L/D - $2,800
    CSR-2S-L/D - $4,800
    CSR-3S-L/D - $6,800
    CSR-4S-L/D - $8,800

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