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Timeline and Information for
« on: 19 November, 2020, 17:47:11 pm »
Here are some timeline information for the development and information about

11 Oct 2020 - Installed Ubuntu 20.4 on 2 PC for forum testing. A 3rd PC is running on windows setup with Apache, PHP and MYSQL. All the 3 machines were being evaluated to see which platform would be the best choice

14 Oct 2020 - Decided to use instead of , a domain name which I held for decades with the intention of running a forum in the 90s.

15 Oct 2020 - Successfully setup SMF 2.0.17 on with XAMPP running on my spare Intel 8-Core PC. Window 10 will be used instead of the more desirable Linux. Sorry, I do not have the skillsets to run Linux.

16 Oct 2020 - Registered with SGNIC for this dedicated forum.

18 Oct 2020 - Invite core members to come in to start the online testing. Online performance was extremely poor.

19 Oct 2020 - Did research and found that XAMPP was meant for development and not live production of web applications. For security reason, it was preventing some content from being accessed from the web. Did a modification of the vhost configuration file, together with a Windows system file and finally, it is working fine via the web.

20 Oct 2020 - Improving banner and register for a new fiber optic broadband line for this forum.

22 Oct 2020 - I had bought a Vbulletin 5 license for many years ago. I will be studying if it is possible to have in Vbulletin format.  One of the reason why I picked Vbulletin over SMF was that SMF was generating about 160 pages of error logs per day!

28 Oct 2020 New Fiber line installed in my home.

2 Nov 2020 Activation of My Republic Line. Experienced administration problem with Static IP but MyRepublic staff (Sean) restored Static IP almost instantly. Bought SSL Certification but having issues as well.

3 Nov 2020 - Resolved new server issue and rebuild Vbulletin version of

4 Nov 2020 Launch of to the public at 1900 Hrs.

7-8 Nov 2020 - Found issues with saving posts, error message appearing.

9 Nov 2020 - Posted error to Vbulletin to seek resolution of the error message.

10-14 Nov 2020 - Tested Vbulletin in the background on 3 different server with different WAMP, XAMPP configuration.  Error message seems to come from the database file.

15 Nov 2020 - Decision made to reset the Vbulletin Server and start a new database file.

17 Nov 2020 - Decision made to return to old SMF forum software because earlier error issue was found to be caused by the new 7.4 PHP.   

19 Nov 2020 -  Reinstalled PHP7.3 now and new fresh new SMF forum generated. went back online today.

23 Nov 2020 - Since we now confirm which server hardware is running hifive,sg, we submit the CSR file and almost instantly got the signed CRT file.  We got SSL Certification installed by end of today.

25 Nov 2020 - favicon.ico implemented.

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