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Dolby Atmos Test Clips
« on: 20 November, 2020, 15:17:47 pm »
The best demo clips to test or show off your just recently installed Dolby Atmos set up are from none other than Dolby , the creator.

There are two demo clips from Dolby Demo Disc (2015) that are worth your attention.

Boeing 747 Take Off

In this clip, you were at the end of airport runway and facing it. A 747 had taken off ( from front of you ) , fled over you and fade into the direction of your back wall.

Simple drawing :

Helicopter Circling Above

Simple drawing :

A helicopter is circling above you from left to right, depended on the system's ability to resolve high definition, the circle should be full and no gap in between.

These tests simply simulate the stereo pan in floors, tops, heights.
Your system is not fully optimized if it can't reproduce these simple two demo clips. So time to upgrade.


I don't employ any room correction software on my AVR, and transparency of my system is about 50-60 % so please do correct me if you think your system had higher transparence and my drawing were wrong.