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SoulNote A-2 Amplifier @ AUDIO BASIC
« on: 13 May, 2022, 13:10:25 pm »
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  • Dear friends,

    SoulNote Japan has finally landed @ Audio Basic !
    We are honoured and very happy to be appointed as sole authorised distributor for SoulNote Japan in Singapore!

    First product of their Series 2 product range that we wish to introduce is A-2 Integrated Amplifier.

    Please take note that our units from SoulNote Japan are specially make for 230V region with CE certified which is very important !

    For more updates, follow our Facebook page

     SoulNote A-2 has awarded by:
    * AEx Audio Excellence Award 2019
    * MJ Technology of the Year Award 2018
    * High Fidelity Red Fingerprint Award 2020

    Great Reviews:-

    All technologies are generously introduced as the culmination of the current SOULNOTE perfect balance non-feedback technology.
    It is an integrated amplifier equipped with various monaural modes such as a new type BTL / bi-amplifier and a power amplifier mode.

    ** Perfect balance non-feedback discrete circuit
    SOULNOTE The original perfect balance non-feedback circuit is optimized and adopted with the highest priority on sound quality. Not only the output stage, but also the voltage amplification stage and the power supply circuit are completely eliminated from voltage feedback. Circuits that affect sound, such as DC servo circuits and current mirror circuits, are excluded, and the constant current circuit and bias circuit of the voltage amplification stage are also based only on the constant current element (2SK209) and constant voltage element (LED) selected for sound quality. Uses a simple circuit. In addition, the voltage amplification stage is completely balanced up to the emitter hollow output. We are thoroughly pursuing hot music playback while being fresh, open and clear.

    ** Relay switching method Balanced attenuator
    For volume adjustment, we have adopted a balanced attenuator method that switches high-precision resistance with SOULNOTE's original relay instead of a volume with a rotary slider or an electronic volume. The transparency is dramatically improved, and the sound image emerges three-dimensionally. In addition, the quality at low volume is significantly improved, and there is no need to worry about gang errors.

    ** Ideal construction
    The input signal line is minimized by concentrating the input terminal, input selector, volume, and non-feedback voltage amplification stage on a single multilayer board. Sound quality deterioration factors caused by vibration, inductance component, radiation noise, etc. of the connection cable have been eliminated without using any shields or filters that have an adverse effect on sound. This is an ideal construction that can only be achieved with a relay switching balance attenuator.

    ** Copper foil thickness 70 micron 4-layer board adopted
    The power block composed of the output stage and the main power supply uses the copper foil thickness 70 micron board inner layer plane as the power bus bar, and "rectifier capacitor-> output transistor-> speaker + terminal-> Minimize the large current loop of "speaker-terminal → rectifier capacitor". By eliminating the inductance component of the large current line, extremely excellent frequency characteristics and stability have been obtained.

    ** Non-contact wiring
    Not only the signal line but also the power supply line has no connector and is made non-contact by soldering the cable directly to the board.

    ** Chimney type heat sink
    The heat sink adopts a newly developed chimney type that pursues a shape with high cooling efficiency and less natural vibration.

    ** Powerful power supply
    SOULNOTE Adopts the strongest class 600VA bifara winding toroidal transformer in history. The rectifier current loop is minimized by arranging the independent rectifier circuit by the fast recovery diode near the transformer winding. The rectifier capacitor is our exclusive product made by Elna, which is selected based on the sound quality. By connecting a large number of small capacitance capacitors in parallel, the high frequency characteristics and total capacitance are controlled and optimized.

    ** 4 parallel high-speed output transistor
    The final stage has a 4-parallel configuration of the high-speed transistor 2SC2837 / 2SA1186 with a small Cob and high FT, and in combination with a powerful non-feedback power supply, a sufficient speaker drive capability has been obtained.

    ** Output transistor selection and matching
    Using a specially designed device, the current value for Vbe is measured while avoiding the influence of the temperature rise of the output transistor, and the output transistor is selected and paired. By completely aligning the 4-parallel transistor currents, we have achieved both ample speaker drive capability and clear and accurate sound image expression.

    ** 4-stage Darlington circuit
    In order to drive the final transistor completely, a 4-stage Darlington configuration with high-frequency transistors is used, and each current amount is optimized. Demonstrates ample drive power for all speakers.

    ** Housing design thatgives top priority to sound quality
    The power transformer is directly grounded with spikes, and the combination of aluminum panels that control resonance with a concave-convex cross-sectional shape enhances rigidity, while avoiding direct bonding between aluminum panels to eliminate unnecessary resonance. doing. In addition, the top cover, which has a particularly large effect on sound quality, has a double structure in which the base iron plate and aluminum panel are joined at three points so as not to dump each other, and by grounding this at three points without fixing it to the aluminum part of the housing. , I succeeded in lowering the center of gravity of the sound while remaining liberating.

    ** Single non-feedback differential BTL circuit With
    the conventional BTL monaural that uses the left and right channels of the stereo amplifier in opposite phase, powerful sound quality can be obtained, but the sound image is blurred or the sound is blurred due to the matching of the two amplifiers and the influence of the GND line. It tended to be lumpy without loosening. Therefore, in the BTL monaural mode of A-2, we adopted a new method that distributes the differential output of one non-feedback differential amplifier to the left and right final stages. As a result, BTL-driven excitement and delicate and liberating musical expression are compatible.

    ** Two types of monaural modes
    In monaural mode, you can select not only BTL monaural but also bi-amp monaural mode that distributes the monaural input to the left and right channels.

    ** Power amplifier mode
    In power amplifier mode, the power of the microcomputer is stopped and the selector and volume are bypassed. Further increase the SN ratio. Again, you can choose between XLR and RCA inputs.

    ** Following 6 types of usage can be selected.
      Stereo Integrated Amplifier
      BTL Monaural Integrated Amplifier
      Bi- Amplifier Monaural Integrated Amplifier
      Stereo Power Amplifier
      BTL Monaural Power Amplifier
      Bi- Amplifier Monaural Power Amplifier

    ** Specifications
    Output 100W x 2 (8Ohm), 200W x 2 (4Ohm), 400W (BTL MONO 8Ohm)
    Total harmonic distortion 0.03% (50W 8Ohm)
    Frequency characteristics Speaker (8Ohm; 1W): 3Hz-240kHz ( 1.0dB)
    Input Sensitivity / Impedance LINE1,2,3 (Balance): 700mV / 16kOhm, LINE4,5,6: 700mV / 8kOhm
    S / N ratio 110dB (IHF A network)
    Power supply voltage AC100V 50 / 60Hz
    Power consumption 355W (J60065), 125W (When idling)
    Maximum external dimensions Body: 430 (W) x 160 (H) x 423 (D) mm
    Weight approx. 20 kg
    Accessories Remote control, spike, power cable

    Please take note that our units from SoulNote Japan are specially make for 230V region with CE certified which is very important !

    Price : S$7700

    Audio Basic
    1 Coleman Street
    #02-12 The Adelphi.
    Tel: 6338 3245