Author Topic: Zidoo NEO S (SSD Upgrade)  (Read 773 times)


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Zidoo NEO S (SSD Upgrade)
« on: 10 February, 2022, 17:56:43 pm »
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  • Got this during the CNY 2022 promo on Shopee.
    It arrived a few days after CNY.
    Shipment handling is good - no visible damage to the box.

    Unit built quality is quite solid, and for the small size the weight is substantial.

    The setup and usage is pretty straight forward and i will not go into that.

    The reason for this post is to share the SSD upgrade.
    By default the unit comes with a 256GB storage as std.
    From the website, it says this storage support is up to 1TB.

    I got myself a 1TB ssd from Crucial. The critical specs to note is this needs to be a M2 Sata 2280 format.

    To install, here are the steps:

    1. Remove the top 3 screw at the back of the unit.

    2. Simply lift the top plate. Note you need to tear the warranty sticker covering one of the screw.


    3. Lift the divider shielding plate to access the SSD.

    4. Remove the holding screw.
    5. You can now easily slide out the SSD.

    6. Slot in the new SSD and secure the holding screw.

    7. Slide on the divider plate, put back to top plate and secure it.

    Now you need to format the disk before it can be used.
    1. Power up the unit.
    2. Go to file manager, scoll to the bottom.
    3. You should see a unknown device in the list.

    4. Press ok, and you will be presented the option to format it.

    5. I chose to format it to NTFS to support higher file size.

    6. Once done, refresh the list and your new SSD is ready for normal use.

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