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In the world of OEM: the demise of OPPO 203 "inspired" the clones of 203!

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Ever since the halt of OPPO and Cambridge Audio production,
there had been a slew of "clones" churned out from other Chinese factories.
And these clones carries the MT8581 processor that was mentioned to be used in OPPO players.

With OPPO facet,

Cambridge's simple back.

This CineUltra V203 sold by Spanish Seller to European market... the same as IPUK 8592 base model...

...that is sold in Chinese market as well as the VenPPRO V203...

...that is exported to other markets.

With the models mentioned, it won't be hard for you to google for the pictures of the internals to the base models.

CineUltra V204 is the "Pro" models to both IPUK and Vennpro, with different component configurations.
Should there be any local based retailer wants another rebadge to be brought to local market,
i won't be surprised that the CineUltra/Venppro/IPUK "V203" will come with different innards...

Here's an example of Malaysian "Rebadged" V203 clone, sold as HighRes UHD303 in Malaysia,
while another seller retains the China market marque.
**Note that the last seller sells "souped up" configuration @ close to double price!**

Now I wish I can clone one of my ex but without her constant nagging  ;D

Umm..looks so empty.

The empty space is for adding internal components for modifications mah... otherwise, how to get the "PRO" version?

another Oppo clone:


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