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When a range of Marque/Brand products fails to get attentions from buyers...


...they'll have to find a way out thru an alternate sales channel that you may not expect to be... MUSTAFA Center, even when the establishment don't operates 24hrs nowadays.
First it was JAMO with their soundbar, then BOSE with their soundbar, now YAMAHA! with their soundbar as well!

Roughly about 5 models offered there.

With the "highest" end model limits @ the YAMAHA non-ATMOS 7.1ch YSP-2700 DIGITAL SOUND PROJECTOR priced @ $1299!

Now... it's interesting to see Sprint Cass, how the current distributor of more budget friendly Nakamichi APOLLO Series soundbar
...will respond and challenge the sales to YAMAHA with their better specs offerings...


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