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@ $330, CREATIVE gives you an entry ticket to the world of DOLBY ATMOS...

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...with 2.1 system of course, don't expect multi-channel lah!

Uh, I am puzzled...  :o

Puzzled about Creativeís jumping into the market with their budget model? Or just how 2.1 system can deliver the Atmos effect effectively?
to answer the first puzzle, Creative is actually quite late, as the mainstream 4 brands seems to have their fair offerings of the 2.1 systems with Atmos.
the next puzzle is certainly common to most, how does 2.1 system recreate multi channel logical presentation? i dont know, but most likely thru DSP?

I might be wrong but I think this will give bubble wrap sound (programming on DSP) to listener so they think it's Dobly Atmos ;D because sound wrapped around you 8)

I wonder is it "engineered" to behave like what dtsX can do... minimum 2 channel can deliver surround bubble experience which can be found in other 2.1 systems? Where it's actually downmixed from 3.1 Atmos soundbars which is common nowadays?


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