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Fancy is large display?

It's likely to be a screen compile of few screens together to make up such a mega screen.
It's a same technique used by SHARP before when they introduce their 80inch 8K TV, which was actually compile of 4 40inch 4K screens...

It makes sense to join many smaller screens to create a large one. If one screen spoil, just need to repair/replace one unit instead of the entire screen.
Imagine you had a single large 300", and it fails...

If such bezel "bonding" kit made common for consumer television size as big as 86inch... you might be able to create one mega screen for yourself at home.
Just too bad... even if available or you could be able to cut a standard picture into 3 vertical parts, consumer TVs do not come with gyro sensor that will tilt the partial pictures 90* into another angle, to be sent to the 3 screens you can find... unless, those TVs do not come with bottom bezel or control panel.

Wah this 325" TV cost $1.7M !


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