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    Will you sacrifice sound quality for cables that's easier to manage?

    Unfortunately, the better sounding Crystal cables are ones that are thicker and has almost "impossible to twist" type of structure. (Audio)
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    Inter-sample Overs. How well does your DAC handle it?

    This is why we need higher sampling rates like 96KHz and 192KHz, and not just 44KHz. (Audio)
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    Prism+100" TV?

    I am a bit outdated when it comes to TV. (Audio)
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    Liu Liang Lu 刘亮鹭 - 澎湃

    More 刘亮鹭 titles:-
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    Liu Liang Lu 刘亮鹭 - 澎湃

    This is another must-buy. (Audio)
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    Prism+100" TV?

    Saw this on the Facebook. It's time to do TV instead of projector. (Audio)
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    Denon AVC-A1H

    Since BadEnglish is not around, I would say that you will enjoy the A1H upgrade from the Macintosh as it supports more channels and will give you a good immersive listening experience especially when you add in the Height channels. (Audio)
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    Marantz AV10 & AMP10

    As you all know by now the Dirac Bass Management Addon was released a few days ago. I also complained about how the Dirac sounds worse than Audyssey. No wonder, the Bass Management module is missing!! Now with this Bass management add-on, I am getting the BASS boost like what I like in...
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    Forum outage - 30 May - 1 Jun 2023

    Yes, my SSL Cert expired while I was on vacation. Just got back passed midnight this morning and managed to get it running again. (Audio)
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    Any feedback on the Hi-End Asia 2023?

    Francis, have you compare the show CD and found it to be really superior? I know that there is volume difference but the tone is very different. Bringing up the volume does not help. (Audio)
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    Any feedback on the Hi-End Asia 2023?

    So, I got a limited edition of the HiEnd Asia 2023 1:1 Master Quality CD. So, how did it sound? In there is track #3, "為了你 為了我" by "刘亮鹭 & 王聞" I got the actual CD for comparison. "為了你 為了我" is track #4 in this CD. Utterly disappointing. The difference is night and day, The actual CD...
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    Any feedback on the Hi-End Asia 2023?

    The purpose of this thread to to highlight issues with HI-End Asia 2023. This is to provide feedback to the organizers so that they could work on the weak areas to improve for next year's show. Let me start with my issue. I bought my VIP pass because I was excited that they brought in 2 of...
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    Marantz AV10 & AMP10

    I bought mine from Sound Decision. The price should be in the $10K+ region. (Audio)
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    Where to place a pair of bass trap?

    Usually placed at corners of the room. (Audio)
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    Have You Finished Building Your Hi-Fi?

    There is no end, no finish. Until you go deaf. (Audio)
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    New SG hifi show in OCT

    Very creditable show.
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    Macrium Reflect 8 Backup installed today.

    As of today, this forum is now backup with Macrium Reflect 8. We hope this will provide the protection needed to keep this forum running. (Audio)
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    Liu Liang Lu 刘亮鹭 - 澎湃

    I was buying CD at the HK show last month when I pick this one up because it was playing the first track in the background. I could never imagine just how great this CD is. Very highly recommended as a good collection of 9 popular Cantonese tunes, 1 Mandarin with very dynamic Audiophile...
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    SACD to PCM

    DO NOT convert your SACD DSD files to PCM. There is quite a significant loss in fidelity. I could hear very clearly the difference as I was troubleshooting the Zidoo Neo Alpha which was converting everything DSD to PCM. The remedy was you need to isolate the Video HDMI from the AVR. I...