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    which one will you choose to buy?

    Hi All, If given a 5k budget and you can only select either 1 item which one will you choose to buy? 1.  CD player 2.  Music server streamer At the moment i only have about 300 CDs and nowadays I am using my blu-ray player to play CDs on my Anthem AVM70. ;D
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    Cannot buy things from Discogs anymore

    Discogs connects music fans around the world. However, Discogs is subject to laws and regulations that have affected how the Marketplace can operate in specific countries. As a result, sellers and buyers in Singapore are no longer able to complete transactions in the Marketplace. New orders...
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    Emotiva XMC-1 (Sold)

    Selling the original version for Emotiva XMC-1 (not the upgraded HDMI board version).  Comes with the accessories. (Sold)
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    New Hypex amplifier module

    Yum yum
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    Recommend place to repair pioneer BDP-LX58 tray

    Anyone can recommend me a place to repair pioneer bdp-lx58 disc tray as my friend player today cannot eject out.  Thanks
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    Yamaha Receiver's 2021

    Since already got Denon and Onkyo thread, might as well add Yamaha AVR thread also.  But seems like not much people talk about it in the "old" forum also. This is the latest review for RX-A6A in foreign language (can use google translate to read)...
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    Any good extension switch to intro?

    Anyone can recommend me a good extension switch to connect to my monitor and PC.  My current extension switch (Schneider), the individual LED on each switch blow 2 times already even I had it replaced.  :'(