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  1. wcseow

    Atmos music

    I had voted for not at all, but not because I don't "dig" it but mainly because it is troublesome to listen to it in my setup Only device I had that can played Atmos music is Apple TV. But with that, I need to turn on my projector (as me no tv). Thus listen only if I am watching a Blu ray disc...
  2. wcseow

    Prawn Mee

    Just after Covid, they started charging extra for chilli, I go to their branch in Fengshan, no charge.
  3. wcseow

    EverSolo ( By Zidoo )

    So after a week or more with the A6, I must say I am happy with it. Certainly super value for money. I have been using the Lumin D2 for a couple of years, in and out of using Roon and Lumin app. Satisfied with D2 sound but a always felt short changed with the display, no Tidal Connect and DSD...
  4. wcseow

    Full Room Treatment & Room Correction

    To enjoy a good life, maybe "Treat" your symptoms then "Correct " your lifestyle 😀😀
  5. wcseow

    EverSolo ( By Zidoo )

    Yesterday I try playing off a local usb drive. Same results. Unable to play out via USB. Coax snd analog works. A screen shot of the USB output. It detects the Accuphase DAC but does not report the max format and sampling rate. Incompatible with my DAC?
  6. wcseow

    EverSolo ( By Zidoo )

    Hit into another issue. Not sure it's USB DAC incompatibility. I connect A6 to Accuphase DAC 60 via USB. The moment I switch to USB interface, Roon Core cannot see A6, Tidal Connect failed to connect. Using Tidal via Eversolo App also does not work. A6 does recognise Accuphase DAC60...
  7. wcseow

    EverSolo ( By Zidoo )

    When I enable the passthru, volume fix at 0db but will become -44db after every reboot or power on/off. Then I have toggle the passthru again after every power on/off or reboot
  8. wcseow

    EverSolo ( By Zidoo )

    Just update. Discover a fix on the fixed volume setting. Not sure it is workaround. There is Boot Volume setting under XLR. It was set to default. I set this to -3 and disabled the Volume Passthru. Works
  9. wcseow

    EverSolo ( By Zidoo )

    I picked it up yesterday and just do a quick install I have been using Lumin D2 and do did a quick A/B with the A6. I think D2 is slightly cleaner and fuller but I feel it is probably just different. However, after spending about an hour or so just listening to the A6, I realised I like it a...
  10. wcseow

    EverSolo ( By Zidoo )

    I grabbed one unit liao
  11. wcseow

    EverSolo ( By Zidoo )

    This looks nice. Wonder what will be the price.
  12. wcseow

    My 2021 HT Reno

    Hi. Finally my home overhaul reno is completed, which I took the opportunity to redo my AV setup for the various rooms. Dedicated HT Room 1. Bought Legacy Audio Signature SE and Expression for LR and Surround.  Sonance VP86 for Atmos 2. Installed Vicoustics VMTs for room treatment. 3. Setup...
  13. wcseow

    Cant access via home network. 3G/4G ok

    Hi I am not able to access the site if I used my home broadband. Screen just hung. The moment I switch to using mobile broadband, it works. It has been going on for a 2 or so months already. Any pointets? Note that I can access all other sites via home broadband. Thanks
  14. wcseow

    2021 New Year Hi-Fi(ve) Plan

    For me. 1. Room treatment 2. Replace Legacy Audio Studio HD with Classic HD 3. Replace AVC8500 with separates. 4. Get that long delayed new Apple TV!..
  15. wcseow

    Denon AVC8500 Atmos after latest sw update

    Hi After the most recent update for the AVC8500, my uhds disc and rips that have TrueHD 7.1 (Atmos) seems to be detected as TrueHD 7.1 initially by the avr. Pressing any decode selection keys on the remote will then made the avr decodes as Atmos. Anyone has the same experience? Thanks