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    Blu-rays vs. streaming: are all 4K versions the same?

    Is there a similarity to the case of CDs vs. streaming, where audiophiles often claim that the music quality playback from a physical disc is better? Does this apply to video as well? So, is the 4K quality of Blu-rays different from the 4K quality of Netflix?
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    Which Component to Upgrade: Speakers, Amplification, or Source?

    Let's say you have a system consisting of a source, amplification, and speakers, each in the range of $2k to $4k. With a $10k budget for upgrades, which component would you choose to upgrade in order to make the biggest impact?
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    Chi-Fi vs. Well-Known High-End Brands

    So you've bought a nice Chi-Fi, be it an amplifier, DAC, speakers or cables. If the build alone were to be made by a well-known brand, it would be charged at a much higher price. So how does it sound compared to those overpriced high-end gears? Have you ever done an A/B comparison? Let us know...
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    Funny stuff for the day

    After some training.
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    which one will you choose to buy?

    So, is it worth the price for you to buy it?
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    Are you absolutely certain that your hi-fi setup produces the type of sound you like the most?

    I can think of these scenarios: 1. You have achieved your preferred sound signature. 2. You remain open to experimenting with new equipment and configurations. 3. You are not entirely satisfied with your current setup. 4. Your hi-fi setup is optimized for specific genres but not necessarily...
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    Ultimate snake oil

    Blackbody : Ambient field conditioner The Blackbody is unlike any other filter or conditioner. All power filters and conditioners address noise found on wires, but there’s another type of noise altogether. Until now, this inconspicuous type of noise has been largely unacknowledged..... Price...
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    Ultimate snake oil

    You-know-who provided it view on Yukimu PNA-RCA01: To mitigate the effects of high-frequency noise, various techniques can be employed, such as using shielding, filtering, and absorption materials. Absorption materials work by converting the electrical energy of the high-frequency signal into...
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    I suppose Google is doing indexing so that content on hifive will appear in their search result. Moz Dotbot is a web crawler collecting data to build up the big data.
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    What is a perfect speaker

    There are two distinct types of people in the pursuit of perfection in sound reproduction: Realism seekers: These individuals strive for accuracy and seek speakers that can reproduce sound as close to the original recording as possible. They prioritize a flat frequency response, low...
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    What is a perfect speaker

    New version 4 of chatgpt: Personal taste and musicality play a significant role in determining what one might consider a perfect speaker. Music is an emotional and subjective experience, and different listeners may have varying preferences when it comes to speaker performance. Some may...
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    What speakers DJQ bought in his upgrade

    DJQ, , do you have any feedback on this new pair of speakers? How do they compare to your previous Dynaudio C2? I think the C2 is good, so the new speakers must be even better.
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    I have tried inserting pictures, YouTube videos, and editing posts. Everything is working well and the new interface fits nicely on my mobile display. I love it! Thank you.
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    All Things Vinyl

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    Open AI ( CHAT-gpt ) answer to my HiFi Questions

    I tried out ChatGPT's new version 4 and asked a PSLE maths question that the old version couldn't answer correctly. However, the new version also provided an incorrect answer. The PSLE maths question: Helen and Ivan had the same number of coins. Each of them had a mix of twenty-cent coins and...
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    Can't post

    Often encountered error message and can't post. For eg below post I can preview it, but the forum don't let me post it. Is it a software issue?
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    The Boys (2019 - ) Prime Video

    can no longer watch in Singapore. For unknown reason Amazon has pulled this series. I watched in Malaysia. The Boys scored 8.7 on IMDb.
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    What is a good speaker ?

    There are two criteria for evaluating speakers: The ease with which the speakers can be driven to produce high-quality sound, and The performance ceiling, or the maximum potential for sound quality. Based on these criteria, speakers can be categorized as follows: Category D: Difficult to...
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    101 ways to lost interest in hifi or being an audiophile

    1. Incresing GST 2. China?s Covid Outbreak 3. Crypto came crashing 4. Too much ktv, no time for hifi 5. Neighbour?s cat 6. .... I seriously think all above are valid...haha Can you think of anymore?