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    MQA - RIP?

    How are u playing them? TIDAL Connect and Roon only support MQA at the moment Only the phone/tablet apps support FLAC
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    I know of some guys who have sold their MScalers in favor of HQ Player for what they feel is a more cost effective solution - not necessarily better tho. It is definitely well worth watching some of Rob Watts presentations on how he designed his whole WTA filters and why he needed a million...
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    Do you need a real high-end gear and really good cables to hear differences

    small s (as in plural) rather than big S (as in model number)
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    SpiderMan Across The SpiderVerse

    Very few sequels ever top the original. This is no different. The original movie felt fresh and broke new ground. This does take the original style and amps it up to 11. Possible spoilers. I did like how the story opened - with Gwen starting the narration, instead of Chris Pine. There is a...
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    MQA - RIP?

    Not quite yet. What HiFi mentioned this in an article. The app says Max but some files are still in MQA
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    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022)

    Season 2 is already almost done. Still love the series. That crossover series with Lower Decks is sooo sooo good. The musical one wasnt my favorite but still enjoyable. I did like the trial episode - not quite the heights of Data's trial but still ranks up there in my book.
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    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

    Took me a while before I got to catch this. Wow - did not expect to get so emotionally swept up by a super hero movie like this. I sure hope Gunn gets a proper free reign over at DC. Feige will have lots to worry about if he does.
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    Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

    Watching the latest season right now I do like this incarnation. Will be sad when it’s gone.
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    True Lies (2022)

    I just use true lies as a filler to watch while waiting for the missus to watch the main feature. It’s still terrible even when I’m not paying full attention. Like it’s enough to know the stories don’t make a whole lot of sense. Like. The spies are ambushed while on a retreat. They don’t...
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    Zidoo Media player

    I havent seen any updates on my Zidoo player in ages. My main complaint is really to do with its media manager. It still catalogs TV shows incorrectly - the Law and Order Series is particularly painful.. and worse, it never seems to learn after I correct one episode. It makes me correct EVERY...
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    It's tough having friends in the retail TV business...

    Australia has a consumer protection law. So it’s 2 years but it’s been 5
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    It's tough having friends in the retail TV business...

    Last year, he gave me a deal on the Sony A95K - and it was even below the RRP of the Samsung S95B of the same size. This year, he just offered me the 77" S90C for about the same price as a 65" LG G3 which is currently on offer as well for just over 4 grand. Ouch. Now I gotta see how to...
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    The tiumph of Tidal over Hardcopy CDs

    I feel the listening experience with Roon and TIDAL is unmatched. It bridges the feeling of browsing liner notes and the different musicians and performers collaborating on the same album and then you can quickly switch to another related artist - wherever your imagination and train of thought...
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    21:9 5K/6K TVs in the works... WHEN would you be ready?

    I’m using a 21:9 Alienware QD OLED now. Sadly only 1440p.
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    Dungeons and Dragons 2023

    It’s a really enjoyable outing by a very likable crew helmed by Chris Pine. It has some Easter eggs for hardcore fans but even someone not steeped in D&D would find it enjoyable.
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    Marantz AV10 & AMP10

    That's an awesome praise. Compared to Ayre pre and power combo!!??
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    MEG 2 - The Trench

    More Chinese backing.. but looks like another fun ride
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    Audio Research

    Polestar Volvo and Lotus have all thrived much better with the influx of Chinese capital.
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    Netflix - Agent Elvis

    It’s created by Priscilla Presley. Voiced by Matthew McConaughey. Easy to digest episodes.