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  1. DJQ

    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022)

    Yeah star trek way.
  2. DJQ

    Do you need a real high-end gear and really good cables to hear differences

    wanna listen to some cheap cables see if they are better than what i have.
  3. DJQ

    Stuff i use to clean n polish up my hifi gear

    unfortunately no. i also DIY wax my car. obviously. lol.
  4. DJQ

    Denon AVC-A1H

    please no. met a few forumers insist 5cts works better with noisy plastic and metal washers and plastic. i walk away.
  5. DJQ

    Denon AVC-A1H

    haha less than 1k lah for the FE compact. come on damn A1H almost 10k. incremental improvements is a must.
  6. DJQ

    Shuttler Loh Kean Yew could easily have won the Badminton Asia Championship but NO. Why?

    Did you hear those rowdy opponents crowd jeering. clear anyone would have lost concentration. *PISS me OFF already* another of those Psychology attacks. it has always been part of the game. i would believe take the crowd noise disturbance away. they would be on level par.
  7. DJQ

    Marantz AV10 & AMP10

    err i feel its a one big heap of cables.
  8. DJQ

    Dynaudio Owners Club

    honestly skip emit, evoke already...
  9. DJQ

    Dynaudio Owners Club

    haha no more.... sold to a dynaudio collector... who keeps lots of Dynaudio speakers. he's got Sapphire as well which i was waiting for a pre own that will never be sold... some ppl really have the nack for keeping speakers really long.
  10. DJQ

    What speakers DJQ bought in his upgrade

    Good mah. I every alternate day clean. Alot of dust... :)
  11. DJQ

    Denon AVC-A1H

    Justification the old school way? Ok ok. Let me pen my thoughts. Seriously. Oh ya. Although the stock footers for the A1H greatly improved. Not plastic ones anymore. Now they support with really solid ones like taoc standard. But there is felt below which I did not like. Later I take picture. I...
  12. DJQ

    Denon AVC-A1H

    Er bragging rights? 😏
  13. DJQ

    What speakers DJQ bought in his upgrade

    Haha, graphs? Let me see what can be done.
  14. DJQ

    What speakers DJQ bought in his upgrade

    wax and shine
  15. DJQ

    Denon AVC-A1H

    i know i know... so many unused channels.... slowly, i am getting more speakers to fill them....
  16. DJQ

    Denon AVC-A1H

    9xxx only. you want? i can get for you. :x
  17. DJQ

    What speakers DJQ bought in his upgrade

    Been so very busy with work. only so little time for hifi & HT. managed to mount and secure FE Cerabase Classic under the Sasandu. definitely up lift the performance. i did try to drive it direct with the Denon A1H. definitely doable, unlike dynaudio. you cannot drive Dynaudio with AVR for them...
  18. DJQ

    FS 4tier Rack

    FS Finite Elemente MK1 4tier rack Maple wood finish. 85cm. condition 9/10. only cosmetic rubber ring stain. other than that rack is tip top condition. View to appreciate. Asking $3900. $3500. Top up $100 for transport. else you can arrange pickup. watsapps 90693001 to view.
  19. DJQ

    Apple TV 4k 2022

    Got the new 2022 apple TV 4K. Even sleeker. Steam quality even faster.