[16x9 Retro CRT] TELEFUNKEN 1991-1995


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these product catalogue scans were found while browsing for the old marque that was once sold in SG market in history, but not the 16x9 products, unknown to the millennials.
only 16x9 CRT model page is screencapped here to reflect the "Evolution" of 16x9 Displays.







after THOMSON acquisition of the brand, TELEFUNKEN products slowly disappears from local market. TELEFUNKEN branded LED-TV products is now still available, but not globally, rather restricted in European market. with the current trend of QLED getting more common and affordable, QLEDTV is available in TELEFUNKEN badge as well.​


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TELEFUNKEN LED TV products had been selling in European Market for years, likely made by VESTEL in Eastern Europe.
some years later, TELEFUNKEN brand gets licensed by an Indian maker to produce TV products for Indian market.

now... several months ago, the TELEFUNKEN badged TV products was introduced into Thai market, first in Asia-Pacific region.

thru Packaging and Product Aesthetics and Operating System specs...
...it is pretty obvious that the TV is made by KONKA, which also produce TVs bearing AIWA badge, sold locally.​

majority of our seniors may recognize the TELEFUNKEN brand, which had ended it's TV history along with GRUNDIG and NORDMENDE as well as THOMSON locally. majority of us born in the 70s will have some impressions on the brands mentioned above. while those borned 80s onwards, will have more fainted impressions till none.
AIWA TV products sales and response had been very lukeworm, due to their revised Warranty Package that doesn't comes as "full" as what AlphaVision may offer with their KONKA badged products. KONKA products also in much slower pace sales and response as local consumers have more trusts with bigger marques like TCL and HiSense.

considering that KONKA makes mid-end till premium range products in China, as an licensee to the TELEFUNKEN brand, should they wanna introduce their mid-end till premium products to local market, TELEFUNKEN badge may draw attentions from cunsumers aged 48 and above.