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I never heard of this brand until I saw it at NTUC KallangWave yesterday. I wonder what’s their background?



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CHIQ stands for Chang Hong International Quality, which indicates as export specification products for international markets from China's ChangHong company that also do OEM for AiWa.
their current warranty is kind of... not as attractive as Aiwa. panel only covered for 6months, in comparison to Aiwa that covers for full year, out of 3yrs warranty that also covers other parts.
due to low response and sales, CHIQ SG's warranty package was revised from 3yrs full to 3yrs half bucket, like Aiwa do.

CHIQ TV is different from CHIQ UST projector business here in SG, hence, u can see that the CHIQ Visual product business here is kind of split between CHIQ and... i wonder if i'm wrong, ELEMENT5?

in terms of technological strength ranking, ChangHong stands in line with SkyWorth.
in terms of production volume, ChangHong stands in line with Haier and Konka, while SkyWorth stands along with TCL and HiSense.
Konka for the moment, under AlphaVision offers 3yrs full warranty.


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for the same price...

...u get 3inch bigger offering from the giant marque with 3 full yrs coverage in coming days, during the next TechShow/Expo.
note that 58"/70" is not a mainstream size made by the Giants. hence, it's possible like XiaoMI, this is possibly built by other Chinese ODM, slapped with Giant trademarks, warranty covered by the Giant trademark owners. i would suggest that u get double confirmation with the Giant brand before swiping your card for the purchase.​


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yes. to be correct, P#3# stands for product sales year or manufacture year 2022, in TCL's term.
in comparison to Sony's Warranty, let's say you purchase a model under PSY/MFY'22 in 2024, the Sony TV will only comes with 1yr warranty.

TCL's warranty... to my knowledge, 3yrs full to products under PSY?MFY'24, 23. any product more than 2yrs, i suggest that you double check with their CSO and demand a black and white email reply.

SHARP and PHILIPS tried to do what SONY and PANASONIC had done before, but loses consumers' support some years ago... that they had to revert back.


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to those fellow brudders who live or have parents living in AMK area, wanting other options,
this model made by ChangHong, alternatively as CHiQ...
04036029524d85c6cf57207beb1d68b7.jpg_550x550q75.jpg_.webp current on display @AMK Hub Fairprice entrance carrying a price tag of $600.
note that AIWA warranty had been revised, only 1yr warranty coverage applies on the panel, while the rest of the system is covered for 3yrs. Labor and Transportation is chargeable on 3rd year.

this is a 2022model, comes with Android TV OS.
operation may be simple, but the remote button and indication could be too small for older folks to identify.​


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also made by ChangHong, this 2023 model...

...priced the same* as what FairPrice may offer, is newer and different on specification, but warranty package is identically the same. the only difference goes only to QLED layer inclusion.
this is only available thru GIANT.
*oddly and surprisingly the 50inch model, is priced little ex more.​


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CHiQ';s latest offering in the region...
...first, thru Indonesia where ChangHong products gets good sales responses from buyers seeking entry level budget quality makes.

for the moment, CHiQ products seems to be brought in by a company named Global Approvals. i've no idea how does the company relates to Element5, the importer and distributor of CHiQ UST projectors.
their last wave of TV products, were seems to be submitted to NEA & CPSA for assessment in late 2022 for 2023 certification and approval for sale in local market. and then... Global Approvals seems to be not so active on Consumer Displays products, except I.T. Displays.
the only way for CHiQ products to gain wider exposure to buying crowds may probably have to be thru re-badging, then AiWa* comes to mind.
AiWa's giant sized models, 75/85/98 inchers are all webOS based.
should VV Digital is determined to give local buyers wider choice with the giant sized Android/Google makes, the F8 range from CHiQ would be a good choice. while the M9 on the left of the picture may draw more attentions from PRISM+ lookers as the entry specs of 480 dimming zones for 75inch, would signify lower cost to produce...

*AiWa's Android/Google OS TVs are mostly made by ChangHong, while their latest waves of webOS TVs are made by brand ownership company back in China known as NPC.