Forum outage - 30 May - 1 Jun 2023


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This outage is due to a Windows Update that cause some changes in the boot drive allocation. I am lucky to be able to recover.

I will be studying ways to carry out image copying of the forum daily so that we will not have such situation again. I apologized for the cold-turkey treatment for the past 2 days. Thanks for your patience, tolerance, encouragement and support.



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i wouldn't mind a periodic routine down of site taking a break of roughly 2 days per month for start... work out or find out any possible hidden bugs, work it out till a day the site down time will only be 12hrs or below.

HTF uses the same structure of Hi5v, although some part may not be the same... they've their downs as well, but, due to the amount of peoples in the back end handling the operation, their downtime would often be preinformed and short.

in consideration that Hi5v is handled by a much smaller strength... my suggestion stands.
in the beginning, like babies, it takes some falls to get to a perfect walk. Hi5v is considerably an infant, we've to be forgiving...


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No worries.

Always a pleasant surprise to see it up and about again.

PRC has seen many inadvertent lockdowns big and small and they are better for it.

We need to get used to glitches so as to be better disciplined by the experience. 1685606891841.png


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I am outrage by the outage. Got to spend time with on line IA psychiatrist for anger management and depression. 😡🤣


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Thanks bro Audio for resolving the glitch. You are the landlord, and we are the squatters staying for free. Grateful for you setting up and keeping this site running. There is a Chinese saying that unless one taste bitterness, one will not appreciate sweetness. The occasional "bitter" outage means I appreciate the forum even more when it is running.


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certificate seems to be expired. that's why i see not much activity today.
i'm now accessing the site by adding www to the initial non-www address.


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thks buddy, yup, the “www” prefix works.
just that u gotta “Re-Login” once again.
lucky i remembered my password.