Fresh in the box! (New stuff that you bought!)


Thanks for the kind words
actually I spend more time listen to this 2nd system setup instead of the black palace,  that black room require too many attention and I alway forgot about time once step in to listen music , on the other hand this room is more easy listening and relaxing , I can stop the music anytime and get back to work

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Confidently Simple and Uncluttered with Macho colour. 8)

Easily Numero Uno prize for unmatchable Design in Room Furnishing.

First-class audio room that I can't even dream of.

Certainly my favourite with its neutral colour.

Now waiting for BadEnglish to give us a pleasant surprise. :) with his room treatment. ;D


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Wa Lao !!!  Super League ! 8)

This is what Life should be all about when one has arrived.

One dedicated professional room specifically for audiophile listening and another uncompromising room for casual listening.

An inspiration for young forum members here to work hard towards audio nirvana. :)


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I was wondering who is the one who bought this from Wising audio ( former Modular) 😄. Anyway congrats, good time to put your money in gold.


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Innuos PhoenixUSB Reclocker.
I opened up the box and noticed that it was black instead of silver, which I thought was the only available option. Lesson learned: always reconfirm all details when placing an order and never assume.
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Got improvement in the sound? Think of getting a reclocker for my Singxer also but the cheapest seems to be Aune.


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Just arrived before noon courtesy of DHL.

Slightly more expensive than Furutech Roxy, looks like an actual snake. Initial impression is wow, it’s not a subtle upgrade over Roxy. Sad that I have to work until 10 pm today before getting to enjoy my setup.


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This question comes to my mind again: Is it a good idea to run in a new power cord by using it with high-current appliances, such as a water heater?

Try using it to boil some water, and after making 10 cups of coffee, the power cord should settle down.😁
Put into a mining PC better.


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Listened to my new power cord last night and now ready to write my impression. But first, wusplay's fancy Furutech DPS4.1 cables with NCF plugs.


Furutech Roxy vs Furutech DPS4.1+NCF on my DAC.

First thing I notice was the timbre of my setup became noticeably warmer. There also seemed to be a lost of harmonics, those beautiful reverbs I've heard in my usual piano tracks disappeared. There seemed to be also a somewhat thickening of the sound. There were a couple of positive improvements. Bass improved in both quantity and quality. Soundstage was definitely wider too. After listening to DPS4.1 for one day and doing some back and forth A B comparison, I put back my Roxy. I was not willing to live with the compromises.

Belden 19364 vs Furutech DPS4.1+NCF on my Furutech TP80 mains conditioner.

Same like my experience on DAC, tone became warmer and harmonics was lost, but to lesser effect compared to on the DAC. Surprisingly, bass was worse compared to my cheapo Belden that I got from Sim Lim Tower. There was less of it and bass drum sounded less punchy. Soundstage remained the same. Easy decision to put the Belden back on my conditioner.



This is Real Cable Citrine. Similar to Cabasse, Real Cable focused mostly on domestic French market, but they do offer their higher end stuffs to select countries like Japan. The Citrine is their flagship power cord exclusive to Japan and terminated with Oyaide plugs, current pricing is 39000 yen. I came across a review of it while searching for reviews on Furutech cables and I was intrigued.

Plugged into my Lab12 Dac1, my experience with this cable was rather different from the chap above though. First thing I noticed with this cord was the bass quality. There was more of it like the Furutech DPS4.1 but better. With the DPS4.1 bass guitar sounded a bit boomy, but with this cable it just sounded more correct; punchy but still rounded. Soundstage was expanded like the DPS 4.1 as well.

The review above mentioned that the high sounded more metallic and bright. That was not my experience at all. In fact, there seems to be like a sort of soft glow that made the tone sounded more pleasant. I find that my enjoyment of piano tracks and female vocals increased significantly with this power cord. And all those beautiful harmonics are still there, yay. Perhaps this cable can be described with one word: romantic.

Best cord purchase I've made. And this also shows that you don't need to spend a bomb on power cords to get noticeable improvements.


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At my friend's place, he challenged my DIY Belden power cord by pulling out his 10-year-old water kettle power cord. The FOC power cord had already been broken in for 10 years. I said, 'OK, let's compare.' After plugging the water kettle power cord into the system and listening for just 3 seconds, we looked at each other and burst into laughter.
Thanks for sharing, I have just just ordered 10 kettle from lazada.


been awhile since i get to post here.

called the power guy, to see if got cheap and good power, got a good power deal...

and almost broke my back moving it.



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