hifive.sg is now running Xenforo Forum


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Too bad I could not resolved the text limitation for the current SMF Forum database.

And since I had bought a Xenforo license for hifive.sg in 2021, I might as well take this opportunity to switch forum platform.

Please let me know if you find any issues. Embedded video player is build-in but you need to re-edit your old threads to make the old links to work, If you post new video, it will automatically work.

If your password don't work, send an email to audio@singnet.com.sg



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I have tried inserting pictures, YouTube videos, and editing posts. Everything is working well and the new interface fits nicely on my mobile display. I love it! Thank you.


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A very good morning to all!

I thought I accidentally went to a different forum (the SINAD one 😜). Pleasantly surprised to see this new UI/platform. It’s looking very good and familiar.

Big thank you to @Audio for the humongous effort to migrate the forum.


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buddy, is it still under http? or can we use the "Secure https"
i tried https but cant get in...


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i also thought i was on the wrong forum, lol... looks great! cleaner and easier to reply within post. thank you very much for all the work you are putting in Audio!


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Robots also enjoy HiFi ;)



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I suppose Google is doing indexing so that content on hifive will appear in their search result.
Moz Dotbot is a web crawler collecting data to build up the big data.