holding ur hor$e$ for miniLED TV? u might have to wait for 1 more yr or so...


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Me thinks the high NITS should be fine, coz the folks only watch FTA TV … doubt there is much HDR content being aired.

Should I pull the trigger or not … hmm 🤔


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tough choice indeed. and i'm not going to give my comment as in "if i'm in ur shoes" stuff, since each individuals' differs differently in judging or determining "worthiness".

anyway, just to share, the TV that i bought for my mom before i left for this new flat, was a 50inch 4K AiWa and it's coming to 3.5yrs of usage, and it's still going strong. the next model in mind will going to be a FHD SHARP, if they still make new model for replacement.
with her sweetspot roughly 2meters away from the screen, 50inch should be sufficient.


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As seen in other forum...

What we do know is that their new miniled U series in ALL sizes are equipped with IPS panels instead of VA (confirmed by their rep), so blooming, contrast ratio and color volume is likely to be an issue as we've seen in existing TV's reviews from different manufacturers with the same MiniLED and IPS panel setup.

Need to research a little bit more ... still got some days to 12.12 sale.


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i shared my initial impression before...
here's my 10mins impression with the 3 new models. where average of 3.5mins is spent to each sets.


without QLED layer in the panel, the color is vibrant enough to serve daily use purpose. greyish band from the edge of objects is visible, but not as prominent as the 100inch model. since this is a miniLED model, the area which is black in the background, truly stays un-lighted.
the panel is highly polished and reflective to light...
...and that's 10mins impression, standing there to observe...​


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TCL's latest drop...

...probably getting ready to cut down on inventory stockhold to give way to C755 and C955 upcoming shipments.
$2.5K for 65"(lower by 500)*
$3.4K for 75"(lower by 600)*
*in number, compare to Aussie list price.​


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...the price from the China's #2 brand in global market on their entry model just unveiled...

...U6K-pro(the miniLED variant), $500 more ex than PRISM+, $500(or so... depending on stock level) budget friendly than TCL's one and only 75C845... ... ...
HiSense pricing in their alternate sales platform is different than their own site-based sales platform.

$2.7k for 75",
$2K for 65",
$1570 for 55",
when u applied their discount code upon checkout.

with such price, together with VIDAA OS,
PRISM+ "can seat firmly and enjoy the rice vermicelli" on consumer's interest and sales
...if u know what i mean...
😁 😁 😁


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is there any other cheaper options that could beat HiSense and PRISM+ in price and close specs?
yes... there is, if Aiwa is willing to employ the D7pro series from ChangHong(who makes Android TVs for Aiwa rebadge) introduced in China's domestic market April this year, and slap with their own badge.

for global market, the miniLED from ChangHong is marketed as CHiQ M9.

presence of Quantum Dot layer is unknown on both models, domestic or global. hence, the price could go lower if both comes without Quantum Dot.


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PHILIPS launched mfy'23 miniLED model 9108 in both Taiwanese and Mainland China market. Taiwanese price is very attractive considering that it is able to compete with Mainland Chinese Marques alike like TCL and HiSense...

...if sold here, in a promotional package of 75inch with TAFB1 Fidelio SoundBar that would just cost SGD$3.6K to own!

in Taiwanese market, it seems currently only 2 sizes available.
55inch and 75inch. there isn't any official PHILIPS Taiwan website to look further into specifications.
in China market, as according to PHILIPS China website...
...only the biggies @ 65, 75, and 85".

how will PHILIPS SG price the mfy'23 9108 miniLED here is hard to determine. for the moment, there isn't any indication either thru their website update or NEA/CPSA update listings that shows PHILIPS had submitted the 9108s for assessments.

PHILIPS is not employing MTK SoC in their mfy'23 miniLED TVs, but rather PHILIPS long time and old supplying partner, Novatek SoCs, as revealed here...
...hence, the price should be more competitive to HiSense that comes with MTK, and TCL with RealTek.

in Europe, PHILIPS mfy'23 miniLED comes under 9308 and 9008 model reference. i have no idea whether the "1" of EastAsian market refers to regional distribution reference, or simply something that implies 9108 is a "upgrade" to 9008 on some fields of features or components. but if we're to pull the price of same sized HiSense U6K(pro) miniLED and U7K to do a cross reference... it would seems that Europe's 9008 would be a direct competitor to U6K, while 9308 would be taking on U7K.

anyway, let's hoe that if PHILIPS is launching 9008 here, in consideration that PHILIPS employs TITAN OS(Saphi upgrade), the tagged price would be competitive enough to draw local buyer's attentions.​


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from the recent update of PHILIPS products catalog, there seems to be prominent sign that there will be miniLED TVs from PHILIPS this year. considering that they "show the cards" of what's coming, there could be probability that samples had sent to NEA for Energy Efficiency and Safety assessment. it's just that the links to the respective(2 currently) doesn't seems to be complete and ready for public access.

the 2 models seen so far are allocated in the 8000 range, with 2nd number in reference of "6". those who followed PHILIPS TV product development should know that the 8000 range is considerably "mid-high" end in PHILIPS TV Family of products, hence it is logical to put the 8000 series along with TCL "C##5" class as well as HiSense "U#@" range of products. for the moment, when u go to PHILIPS SG website, u'll see only PML8669 product listings as sneak previews. however one of it is confusing as the brief details states 75inch, while the model number indicates as 55inch.
only when they correct or give further updates, then we're able to confirm if there will be 55inch added with 75inch cancelled, or 75inch to be correct with 55inch cancelled. while HiSense "U" series miniLED will continue to be diverse in 3 reference numbers in overseas market, TCL's C745 non-miniLED replacement, C755 will be confirmed to have miniLED backlight, no further details on C655 yet.
that should make interested buyers to PHILIPS miniLED TV products wonder, will there be "mid-entry" models to compete with TCL as well as HiSense in terms of specs and price? only further updates to PHILIPS product page will tell... till the end of next week, or months... before annual product wave replacement starts in June.


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2 new models updated into PHILIPS catalogue for planned 2024 release.
they're 65" and 55" of PML8969 that from online comparison, the only difference i can see compared is that the 2 newly updated models comes with native 120hz(yay for gamers) refresh rate panel, while the 2 PML8669 with "unconfirmed" size will be 60hz(practical for movie viewers) native. hence, the probable difference on price will likely be $150~250.

by calling out(can be executed by any guests) PHILIPS records of model releases all the way back to 2021 where the last miniLED TV was released, in 2021 a total of 36 models were introduced into local market, 2022 with 23, last year with 25.
currently only 19 were listed as 2024 planned release, which includes the PML8969 above, that leaves 6(reference to last year's record) probable unknown models to be spread among OLED makes and or with unknown miniLED sizes to battle for attentions from potential buyers from Chinese marques that are competitive in prices.


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those who had been following on TCL Xtra-Large display product development, should had known that beside X955 series is to be launch and available locally this year, also includes the C855/805, C755 series.
so far we only see 98X955 taking orders, while 115X955 is ready for order only thru TCL special arrangement. where are the C755 and C855/805? especially when Malaysia expected price was leaked months ago?
an encounter in Malaysia Lazada TCL's Official Store make me realize where the problem falls.
PRICING!!! how to decide what kind of price to fit local market such that it won't undercut the attentions and effort they trying to achieve in clearing old stocks!
Malaysia's price comes close to SGD$8k w/2yrs Warranty.
TCL SG is currently clearing their stockhold of 98C735(2022 model) @ SGD$7.5k w/3yrs Warranty.
let's say... if TCL SG charges $900* for additional 1yr coverage, would interested buyers be willing to top $1400 for the new model with miniLED... that's $950 shy from 98X955 that offers even bigger upgrades such as brighter nits, more miniLED diodes, and more dimming zones?
*(reference from COURTS 5yr Warranty package charged on HiSense 100"U7K that INCLUDES initial manufacturer 3yrs complete warranty)

yah... that's where the problems lies that affects the delay.

anyway... SG market practice for new model launch and replacement always starts from June. that would give TCL a 3mths window for them to send their samples to NEA for Energy Efficiency Assessment as well as stocking up. so... we shall wait and see while probably drooling as Malaysia and HongKong market got their new toys.