LED wall for Hi End Home


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Recently just went attended 2 event Cabasse Speakers & Daktronic LED and  Barco LED to have the feel of what is the type available .Sales and tech support .

The conventional Projector and screen is still are in most set up for those who have dedicated room .

Now we can put places like the main Hall a large LED which will be as bright as your TV but can be in modular format . The refresh rates are also higher for those avid gamers .They are much cooler and does not generate much heat safe for children.

Choices from HD REC 709 to 4k HDR version and different sizes at lease 120" to 150" in 16:9

More option for display.


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modular setup will likely be either in 2x2 grid, or 3x3 grid.
for 120" setup, that would be 4x60" panels, or 9x40" panels.
for 150" setup, that would be 4x75" panels, or 9x50" panels.

the costly part, would likely to be how to make the panel gaps/modular grid lines, invisible such that the images and motions would look smooth and pleasurable.
the other costly part, will be the panel controller... that splits a single source to 4 or 9 different panels/modular displays to do their part of job.


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Well depending on the the different brand of LED panel most critical is quality and tech support in our local shores .

The pixel type and gap guage will be the critical play out on the overal picture quality .