Next Gen Consoles

While it is true that from a compute power standpoint, the new consoles are impressively ahead of the last gen (and even the last .5 Pro/X versions).

But that said, with backwards compatibility, the improvements aren?t as noticeable because the law of diminishing returns applies.

Some games have a true next gen update. Some games run in compatibility mode. So sometimes you get 60fps instead of 30. Some games add extra ray tracing elements.

For me, the only two next gen games are on the PS5 - Astro and Miles Morales.

Astro the bundled game is next gen because of the way the new controller works when fully utilized. But it?s not quite there with other titles.

I never played Spiderman on the PS4 Pro so maybe the jump isn?t as big but for a first time gamer, the Ray tracing elements really look next generation.

I?ve been playing Star Wars Squadrons and there is noticeably bad screen tearing on the Series X but not on the PS5. Maybe it needs a patch to enable the 120fps or 60fps higher quality mode.
Ever since I got my PC, I just haven?t been gaming much on the next gen (current gen?) consoles.

But I recently got a new gaming monitor that is native 4K with 144Hz refresh - and it was also HDMI 2.1 compatible with 120fps support and variable refresh rate supported via GSync, FreeSync and HDMI 2.1 VRR.

So naturally I plugged in both consoles and proceeded to look for 120fps titles.

And I realised just how few were available.

None of my PS5 games - granted I don?t think I have any true PS5 titles - most are back compatibility titles. But zero. Nada. I?m not a Call of Duty fan.

And on the Xbox series X - I think only 3 titles. Dirt 5, Star Wars Squadrons and I think Halo Master Chief.

Odd that Star Wars Squadrons on PS5 doesn?t support 120 FPS even though the Xbox Series X version does.

In any case, it seems like a waste of money getting HDMI 2.1 support for the consoles - at least for now

For those still using HDMI 2.0 displays - don?t be stressed by it. It?s seriously not worth it.
Pretty paltry list.

Updated a day ago.

Most of the Xbox games are using back compatibility to enable faster rates on older title. Not many natively supported.


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i usually wouldn't post in Gaming/Computing section as most of the medias mentioned here wouldn't have much relation to HomeTheater.
for "immersive audio experience", a soundbar with virtual surround processing like Creative Stage 360 or their Kantana series is good enough to give a virtual "immersive" surround sound sense in a limited space setup.
anyway... i come across a listing in CPSA(Consumer Product Safety Agency) that may serve as new product leak?
where the Registration Date is often used for NEW PRODUCT achieving certification.
i'm not a follower of XBOX as i'm not a gamer. hence, i'll leave it up to your reference to other sites or tech news web for further details.