PET Stroller ( 50 Cents ) SOLD for 5 S$


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A pet stroller rated 15 kg.
Size 32cm W, 55cm L ( pet holding areas ) big size. I used to carry my 3x Shih Tzu ( 7kg each ) together.
Used about 1 year in mint condition. Some holes on rubber handle.
Fixed Price and Collection: Fifty Cents , 52013x.



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I really can't believe , I posted on Carousell for S$ 5 ( 10 times more expensive than here ) and I'd embedded a link to here , so literately the buyer can save 90% and yet deal is closed on Carousell for S$ 5.



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A young girl with her dog came and collected the stroller.
No wonder she didn't want to register account here.

No one wants to register account with us even if 90% discount were given  :p