U could accept a TV to hang on the wall like a portrait, would U able to accept...


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...a slim and frame thickness TV Audio "support" speaker to hang on the wall as well?

under impression, the last time i encountered such a "flat" designed soundbar goes to Yamaha YSP-5600,
where in terms of capability and features will impress some cunsumers, but to picky folks,
price and performance in sound... will tend to turn buyers away.
the latter negative impression caused by multiple drivers in a single body crammed together...
producing subpar quality when compared to other lesser drivers in a single body products.

Danish company CANVASHIFI just launch wall-hanging speaker/soundbar with grills sized to match 55,65,75,77inch TV/Displays width, which would make ur audio/visual device look aligned, in addition make add more positive impression points to ur audio/visual space furnishing and setups!

the initial purpose of the product design was to hang on wall installation. however, the "non-SOLO" floor standing stand option is available as well.

the only thing that would bug some... is that to gain balancing of weight from the display setup on top of the speakers, there will be tilting to certain angles, which may also produce "whatever ur TV is, it can have potential to shadow B&O" effect.

currently, this product can only be ordered straight from the Danish Official site. price includes global shipping and respective import tax to respective customers from different countries.​