What made Audiophile Album


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Is that

the recording, mixing, and mastering


delivery media e.g. 24-48, SACD, 24-192, DXD, DSD1024 ( Addendum analogue medium Vinyl, Open Reel, Tape ) ... ?



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Using xrcd process flow, from mastering to manufacturing


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BadEnglish said:
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But seriously, to me, what is considered an audiophile album is one that is made with audiophiles in mind. Mofi, Analogue Productions, Impex etc


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jerome_the_lang said:
reduce the number of music instruments to the bare minimum = lot's of blank spaces in between notes = audiophile style music

Huh , so no symphony, orchestral music ?


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Let me try to describe my world view of audiophile music?

* nice to listen to
* has reasonably wide dynamic range (soft-to-loud segments)
* music tends to have segments that spotlight or throw focus on something ?for example, spotlight vocals, or spotlight an instrument (be it guitar or piano or drum)
* mixing/mastering with minimal compression, and to a reasonable loudness.
* delivered in 24-bit format if possible

My own observation has been, the really nice audiophile quality tracks are mastered to around -18dBFS average levels.

I do need to state, I don?t listen to all genres of music? those fast super noisy tracks are not my cup of tea?

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BadEnglish said:
I forget to add other analogue medium i.e. Vinyl, Open Reel. Then how ?

I also don't know.
making of normal mass run vinyl.